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HPLCA Compact Laminate has very high mechanical properties and dielectric properties and machinable performance. It is flat, wear resistant, heat resistant and water resistant. Thus, it is extremely suitable for use as machinery top. Through CNC digital control machine, Compact Laminate can be processed into different designed shapes, and meet high-precision requirements of the machine top. Totally, it provides high and additional value to the machinery itself.


HPLCA Phenol, produced without the use of decorative paper, is manufactured in different thicknesses according to the intended use and is used as a technical support material in many fields, mainly electronic and machine industry.



      0,50 mm – 20 mm



      1220 x 2440 mm

      1300 x 2800 mm

      1300 x 3050 mm

      1400 x 3660 mm 

      1540 x 3050 mm

      1540 x 3660 mm

      1860 x 4200 mm

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