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HPLCA Exterior Compact Laminate is developed specifically for outdoor environment to create high-end and unique architectural design. It has a unique UV-resistant, weather-resistant and stain-resistant properties and other remarkable outdoor performance. Meanwhile, it has a wealth of colors and surface finishes. It's ideal for modern building facade cladding, balcony, exterior furniture and exterior product assortment.

The core technology of HPLCA Exterior Compact Laminate is consist of the core material, decor paper and anti-UV acrylic polyurethane resin films. It can be directly exposure to the outdoor environment, for many years without color change, no mildew, no delamination. Meanwhile, its colorful and natural texture, both color and texture are saturated and very delicate, breaking the color limitation of traditional outdoor furniture and exterior curtain walls, providing a wide exploration of space for architects designers to pursuit their individual design. With same structure as HPLCA Compact Laminate, exterior panels also has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and safety performance. It may also be optionally cut to any desired shape to meet the diverse demand.

Thickness: 4 mm – 20 mm

Dimensions:1300x2800 mm / 1300x3050 mm / 1860x4200 mm 

(other sizes upon request).


Features and Advantages

● Anti-UV
● Weather resistant

● Stain resistant
● Wear resistant, Scratch resistant

● Impact resistant
● Water proof, Heat proof, Moisture proof

● Anti-cigarette burns
● Hygienic

● Easy to clean and maintain
● Easy to process and install



The applications of HPLCA Exterior Compact Laminate include building facades, outdoor furniture, fences, wall panels, eaves, railings, handrails and many other outdoor applications.

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