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Exterior UV+

Exterior compact panels produced with HPL production technique. The surface layer of the HPLCA-UV+ compact panels has been specially treating and extra reinforcing. Panels resistant to sunlight do not contain bacteria and have dirt-repellent properties. It is used in exterior cladding areas where climate conditions are suitable. It has a lot of dimensional and color alternatives.

Thickness: 4 mm – 20 mm

Dimensions:1300x2800 mm / 1300x3050 mm / 1860x4200 mm 

(other sizes and colours upon request).


Features and Advantages

● Anti-UV
● Weather resistant

● Stain resistant
● Wear resistant, Scratch resistant

● Impact resistant
● Water proof, Heat proof, Moisture proof

● Anti-cigarette burns
● Hygienic

● Easy to clean and maintain
● Easy to process and install



The applications of HPLCA Exterior Compact Laminate include building facades, outdoor furniture, fences, wall panels, eaves, railings, handrails and many other outdoor applications.

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