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HPLCA Interior is compact HPL sheet or panel.

The thickness is determined by increasing the amount of Kraft paper in the core of the sheets.


HPLCA Interior compact laminates are supplied in sheets or panels and are the most practical materials for special areas, particularly wet and high wear environments like toilet cubicles, changing rooms, wall covering in schools, sports centers, hospitals, airports and hotels.


It has high resistance to impacts, scratching, fire, water and humidity due to its high density. Furthermore, it does not decompose, is resistant to bacteria and may be cleaned easily.


It presents a great variety of design alternatives to thanks to the range of colours available and different surface finish options.

EN 438-4



           1,5 mm – 20 mm


           1220 x 2440 mm  

           1300 x 2800 mm

           1300 x 3050 mm

           1400 x 3660 mm

           1540 x 3050 mm 

           1540 x 3660 mm

           1860 x 4200 mm

HPLCA compact laminate interior wall panel system is suitable for a wide range of public places. Compact laminate wall panels are preferred for noisy, high traffic and heavy duty public areas. Its strength and hardness, not only beyond the traditional MDF walls and the metal plate, but also plasterboard wall can not comparable. It is durable, and walls can load-bearing, suited for most public buildings interior decoration.


  • Excellent decoration

  • Environmental Health

  • Scratch resistant

  • Impact resistance

  • Easy to clean

  • Fire retardant and easy to clean

  • Anti corrosion

  • Mildew proof

  • Free maintenence


Power plants in public areas, high-speed rail, subways, airports, office buildings, etc.



It is used as raised flooring and flooring material which enables cable passages, especially computer rooms.

The HPLCA Floor is resistant to scratches and abrasions thanks to its extra reinforced surface.


      0,80 mm – 20 mm


      1220 x 2440 mm

      1300 x 2800 mm

      1300 x 3050 mm

Please contact us for customized dimensions and colors. 

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